September 21, 2010

Stranger Studies

I recently published a narrative version of my ITP Strangers class on the Atlantic Magazine blog. Here’s an excerpt.

“This is a class on urban culture. My fundamental premise is that strangers and cities are inherently intertwined. The everyday nature of interacting with strangers is a byproduct of urbanization, which has created a culture of dense populations with sparse interconnections. That density and sparseness of connections itself is part of what defines ‘the urban.’ Living in cities has made strangers into a multitude: we brush past thousands of them every day. Even the simplest exchange among strangers can contain a tangled accumulation of meanings: what transpires may have physical, emotional, social, political, technological and historical dimensions. I show students how to unravel and understand these charged moments.”

5 Responses to “Stranger Studies

  1. David Gray

    Thanks, Kio
    Once again, you make me a rich man.

  2. Kio

    Thank you, David.

  3. Die Welt ist gar nicht so. » Linkschleuder (15)

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  4. Anna

    I showed this Atlantic piece to the coolest prof in my department. He said it was so cool it made him want to give up teaching altogether. Nice.

  5. kiostark

    Wow, thank you!

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