May 24, 2011

Follow Me Down is here!

I’m thrilled to say that Follow Me Down has begun to arrive in the mailboxes of people who preordered it. Friends have been sending me pictures, which makes me so happy!

It should be in bookstores soon…if you see it, send me a picture and I’ll post it here!

2 Responses to “Follow Me Down is here!

  1. Melinda Blau

    Kio,I just tweeted you. Found you and your fascinating course about strangers thru a fellow Tweeter who had read my book. When i asked how he heard about it, he told me you had recommended it. And now I see that you are a writer as well. Congrats on your new book–and than you for spreading the word about mine.

  2. kiostark

    Thanks so much Melinda, I think I know which Tweeter that must have been. A a stranger-friend to me as well. This novel actually began out of some scraps from my blog about my interactions with strangers, not sure if you came across that yet. Keep in touch!

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