November 9, 2011

New book project: Don’t Go Back to School on Kickstarter!

I’m putting together a handbook for independent learning called Don’t Go Back to School, and funding it on Kickstarter. I’d be so grateful for your support. Please check it out and spread the word.

15 Responses to “New book project: Don’t Go Back to School on Kickstarter!

  1. Amber Simard

    Hi Kio! I have been waiting for so long for something like this. I have always been interested in many things and had an insatiable hunger for knowledge. I would LOVE SO MUCH to be able to learn things like astronomy or biology or differential calculus without having to go to school for 7 years in each subject…CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!!

  2. Maïté Butaije

    Hello Kio,
    I saw your video then I came visit your blog. I was looking for innovation education. I love your project.

    Maybe you’ll be interested in e-180 : a plateform for learning from your Network. E-180 allows us to know at any time who, in our surroundings, is willing to spend an hour with us to help jumpstarting our learning in any field. E-180’s mission is to unveil and channel this wealth, by igniting our ability to educate one another, utilizing our communities to develop our full potential.

    I’m waiting for your book :)

  3. Maïté Butaije

    ** innovative education (sorry for the mistake)

  4. Jon

    I suggest you look into the unschooling movement to get an understanding of how some parents are raising their children without school. Here is my own essay on the subject:

  5. KellyP

    Curious if you’d seen this (I’ve been too lazy to read it yet):

  6. kiostark

    Thanks Jon, will do. KellyP, yes, thanks for thinking of it. It’s interesting, targeted at college age students and high school students.

  7. Mvs

    May I recommend looking into peer-to-peer learning that happens outside the classrooms/school-system. I’ve come across a few instances myself, and find them very intriguing. Thanks for putting this together, and look forward to reading it!

  8. Penelope Vos

    Hi Kio,

    I just saw your presentation on Kickstarter and your invitation to get in touch as a self-taught learner.
    I have a Science degree and a Dip Ed but my profession and main area of expertise now is foreign language education, curriculum and resource design, and education policy combined with writing, book design, illustration, publishing and marketing. I don’t have formal qualifications in any of those fields.
    I’d be glad to talk to you if that is the sort of thing you are looking for.

    My website is

    (ps- did you know that your name “Kio” means “What?” in Esperanto :-)
    That’s a language your self-educating friends may love to know about because: there are so many great resources for complete mastery, for free and according to one’s own schedule, it provides a contacts network in dozens of cultures worldwide and significantly reduces the time needed to learn other languages.)

  9. "Brian Hughes Barron" (please google)

    Raised by two faculty members who served Iowa State University for a combined CENTURY, I changed majors six times before finally graduating with a BS in Distributed Studies. After adventures as a Systems Analyst at the start of the computer age, a decade as a USAF fighter pilot during the Viet Nam conflict, and a successful tour as chemical engineer, I started my life over as a Strategic Innovator.
    I quickly discovered that there was–and apparently still is– no curriculum of instruction on “The History & Process of Strategic Innovation”. So I’m continuing to teach myself over the past 33 years.
    I’m delighted to learn of your project and would be happy to contribute more info about my discoveries in Strategic Innovation.

    Brian Hughes Barron
    Founder & CEO
    General Innovation-Seattle
    “Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage”

  10. Meimei

    Hi Kio,

    I came across your site through the Kickstarter website and love your project!! I was self-taught throughout high school and still do even though I’m in university now. Sometimes I feel I learn more outside the university halls than I do inside (other than some science labs). :) Can’t wait to read your book!

  11. Jonathan Steele, RN

    Hi Kio,

    I am with you on this topic. A self taught artist (largest commission 54K), self taught engineer (have created a third generation hydrogen fuel cell that gets my care 49 mpg…working for 90 mpg) and now moving my nursing career into holistic nursing with out going back to school.

    Even my nursing degree came from a challenge program. I tested out of all or the classes (except for microbiology in order to use the lab).

    Best wishes on your project. I found out about it through Kickstarter.

    I would love to help in any way I can. Consider me at your service.

  12. Jake

    I just dropped out of seminary, and bought a ticket to Germany, then left a week later. I was over half way through getting my “Master of Divinity”. I wanted to be a missionary when I began the program, and I realized the more I went through the program, the farther I wandered from my passion. If I wanted to be a missionary in Germany, being at seminary in the Midwest United States was not going to help me learn German, nor was it going to make a voyage across the world to share a message of transcendent grace with post-moderns any safer.
    I have been on the ground two weeks, and I have read more theology, learned more German, met with more pastors, and had more spiritual conversations than my whole experience at seminary.
    I dig your project, I think it will liberate a lot of trapped students who are chasing safety nets instead of taking that glorious, frightening leap. Self-learning is like legalizing marijuana: everybody knows it would probably make society more simple and sustainable, but we can’t shake the fear that the kids will just get high all the time.

  13. J

    You should interview the guy at
    He taught himself Japanese in 18 months while still in the U.S., then went to Japan and landed a job after having an interview in Japanese.
    He has some interesting ideas on the discipline it takes to learn on one’s own.

    I’m trying to learn game design without having to go to school for it much. It wasn’t that long ago that game design courses were almost nonexistent.
    I might take a course at General Assembly. I just had my first business-related class at through Skill Share. It’s fun just picking up classes here and there!

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